Leadership - The Deep Dark Secrets

published by Terry A. Maiers on LinkedIN on 19 December 2015


Unless you are a organization leader in the upper levels of management you have probably at one time or another wondered how it is that those above you always seem to know everything about everything going on. You might also have wondered how it is that those same people never seemed to make mistakes or if they did it very rarely became public knowledge or even known within the organization itself. You also may have noticed that the leaders of your organization seem to be very similar to leaders of other organizations and they all seem to have the same sort of air and aura about them. This article will attempt to bring to the light of day some of the things that seem like secrets but are actually part of the leader's nature and learned behavior.


The Myth: The leader knows everything that is happening and/or knows the answer to every question.

The Truth: While there are probably many leaders who actually do know a great deal about what is going on in their organization, the majority do not really know all the answers but instead know the deep dark secret of "Knowing who to ask, who has the answer that they need!" This ability to know and understand their own lack of knowledge in certain areas provides the leader with the ability to seek out those that know the answers to the questions that they do not know.


The Myth: Leaders do not make mistakes.

The Truth: Leaders do make mistakes on a regular basis. Some of the mistakes are larger than others and can cause harm to the organization. The deep dark secret that the leaders use though is "Mistakes happen, own them, learn from them and apologize when you have to!" This is something that is very important to understand for any leader because there are no perfect people, including leaders and clients. What makes the difference between a leader and others is that the leader will learn from the mistake, admit to the client or whomever, make the required corrections and apologize for the mistake to whomever they need to.

Air or Aura

The Myth: All leaders have a certain air or aura about them as they do their job.

The Truth: All leaders have a certain air or aura about them that seems to exude their confidence in who they are and what they do, much of this is because they use the deep dark secret "Know your place and let your actions speak your leadership!" Every person whether a leader or not, has a certain amount of insecurity about their own place in any organization. What the leader knows is that leading is not about the title you have but how you present yourself and the actions you take.


There are certain things about being a leader or in a leadership role that people not in those positions do not understand or have misunderstandings about. Leadership in business in some sense a special club of like minded and positioned people. Just like many other clubs there are certain aspects of knowledge and actions that the members use on a regular basis that distinguish them from others. It must also be said that entry into this club may be limited in some ways but in others it is wide open for anyone that can make the grade. What must be remembered is that there are more leaders "made" than are "born" leaders. If you want to be a leader then start by following the advise in this article by:

  1. Know the limits of your own knowledge and know where to find answers that you do not know.
  2. Do not be afraid to make mistakes. As the old saying goes "Mistakes that do not kill you make you stronger." At the same time own your mistakes and learn from them.
  3. If you want to be a leader, then "Act like one!" This does not mean you have to be overbearing or a bully but instead let your actions show others that you are a leader and someone that can be followed and relied on.

Closing Statement

One of the most difficult things that anyone has to understand is that leaders are just normal people who have learned certain things and live certain ways that make others want to follow them. At the same time it has to be remembered that these people put their clothes on the same way as everyone else.

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